Anomie is a powerful song by the Sharon Lia Band that explores loneliness, isolation, disconnection and the theory of “Anomie” as it relates to the current epidemic of suicide, by lyrically and musically portraying the deeply personal inner conflict between the experience of the darkness within and the fight to grasp at hope and find the light.

“It is incredible to me how some of our brothers and sisters can’t escape the prison inside them. They have no answers and no way to ascend from the darkness.... Its real, so much needs to be done, all I can do is write about it and hope to bring awareness” - Sharon Lia ~

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Behind the Scenes On the Making of Anomie


"Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a lifelong impression."
EILEEN SHAPIRO, Huffington Post ~

"I love working with Sharon, her vocals are stellar, and her songwriting is contagious."
DAVID IVORY, Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer and producer~

“Anomie is an original and organic, personal and powerful song. Sharon Lia gives voice to vulnerabilities but does so with fortitude and conviction. In a word, this song is about resilience.”
KABIR SEHGAL, Two-time Grammy Award Winning Producer and New York Times Best Selling Author~

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