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Indie Spoonful: "Sharon can take you from delicate moment to full-scale fall-on-your knees emotionally gripping without ever letting you fall."

March 7, 2019

"Sharon is founder of her charitable foundation “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music-driven organization inspired by her own battle with cancer. Sharon’s latest single “Why Can’t We Pretend” is a great way to introduce yourself to Sharon’s monumental talents.

“Why Can’t We Pretend” opens with a mellow melody on the keyboard and a few sparse chords.  Sharon enters tenderly with a reflective tone that is crystal clear, “I faded into nightfall, deep like winter. Where my shallow breathing almost did me in. And when I woke, my body changed forever. Had I known would I have never let them in.”  Soon strings enter the enchanting arrangement and the song gradually adds orchestrated phrasing.  Throughout the composition, the orchestration is well-conceived.

As the verses build, the song arrives at a full power-house chorus delivered by a heartfelt, dynamic vocal performance - Sharon shows that she is a singer who can take you from an introspective, delicate moment to a full-scale fall-on-your knees emotionally gripping chorus without ever letting you fall. She has a full dynamic range and an expansive and expressive emotional palette  to draw from. The song’s arrangement follows Sharon’s musical sensibilities moving from haunting piano melodies to lush, orchestrated sections, from intimate to bold and reserved to expressive.

Please take a moment to watch the video of "Why Can't We Pretend"

There’s a deeply emotional quality to Sharon’s voice as she sings about pain and remorse and the hollow feeling of actions and consequences. Ultimately this is a song about an experience that has changed you to your core and Sharon reaches deep into her core to deliver this performance.  It’s about healing and scars, darkness and light. “Why Can’t We Pretend” touches upon universal feelings of wishing something life-changing never happened.  Sharon Mia is an artist who takes what is locked deep in the heart and unlocks it musically for herself, and for all of us."


Rock Bands Natalie Perez: "this track is one that many should hear right here, right now"

"Why Can't We Pretend, is as clear as can be, as far as sound goes, put it simply as how the single is about, mixing the likes of Adele's infamous track "Hello" crossed with Evanescence's infamous track "My Immortal", that is how precisely this track is depicted and it couldn't be more right on point. So much melody and energy given off from it from start to finish. The vocalization added on just makes it come full circle, it’s no wonder, not many know of the Sharon LIa Band.

Thus with this said, this track is one that many should  hear right here, right now because if not, many would be missing out on quite a bit. Moving forward, the song’s structure is filled with such fulfillment, energy, and thus so much effort, it has such a leftover essence that will be heard even when the song is not heard. There are so many ways to discuss this track, because it is so meaningful and powerful it is uncanny at times how good of a track it is whilst listening.

The comparisons have been given and they could not be more right. Yes the songs compared are well known by acts many have heard prior, if not at least once, but that is what makes this one track stand out on it’s own accordance. The vocals and music alone, are what make this track really stand strong and out for all to take in as a whole. Vocals are really in-depth and powerful sounding, while the music just builds upon that, capturing this overwhelming angst that just stuns you.

Overall really Sharon Lia Band’s stand out of a track “Why Can’t We Pretend”, is just one of those tracks, that will get recognized soon enough for sure. It is this track, and it’s performers behind it, that will make them grow ever so further with not just their careers musically, but as individuals as well."


Skope Magazine:  "truly stunning ... uniquely honest"

"The Sharon Lia Band embraces a spirit of defiance on the passionate “Why Can’t We Pretend”. Resting at the heart and center of the entire song are Sharon Lia’s bluesy, soulful vocals. Lyrics have a romantic tenderness to them while the arrangement further emphasizes their power. Elements of pop, classical, and rock come together to create a stream of consciousness take. Careful buildup adds to the overall power of the track. Melodies glimmer within the song’s very DNA as they linger in the mind. Instrumentally colorful the Sharon Lia Band incorporates a great variety of textures within the track.

Elegant piano introduces the work. Sharon Lia’s voice has an intimacy to it always making sure to have a reflective quality to her words of sorts. By letting the atmosphere gradually build up when the song comes into full bloom it feels particularly earned. Rhythms start to let the song rush forward in a way that becomes all-consuming. Guitars soar up into the sky perfectly merging with the gorgeous string section. Quite sweeping in scope her voice rises above the rest of the arrangement in a way that becomes truly stunning in a way. Throughout the piece the melodies shift and change, as the initial sadness transforms itself into a grand approximation of joy, of conquering one’s own fears in a way that feels uniquely honest.

“Why Can’t We Pretend” shows off the undeniable chops of the Sharon Lia Band in sculpting a timeless classic sound."


Stereo Stickman: "It’s a beautiful song, powerful in essence"

"Why Can’t We Pretend 
undoubtedly sees Sharon Lia Band at their most creative and beautifully emotive. Sharon’s vocal meets with the simplicity of a piano part to begin with, the two wander united yet creatively independent of each other as the track’s quietly pure introduction peaks into view. The melody-line and the music are already immune from the effects of genre or industry standards – there’s a freedom here that’s incredibly refreshing to witness; a quality that does seem to run throughout Sharon Lia’s musical catalogue to date.

As things build, the instrumentation grows fuller – the drop hits and the singer’s leading voice adapts brilliantly to this passionate evolution. The song seems to fall somewhere between classical and alternative pop – growing heavier in the heat of the moment, as the concept reaches its peak, yet leading the way initially with that genuine delicacy and its spacious, captivating nature.

The mood seems to even move from hopeful in those first piano notes, to melancholy with those lyrics and that falling melody. Following this, a world of emotional turmoil meets with one of longing – offering up this ever-changing, half optimistic, half dismayed aura. The music and the performance, the lyrics, the structure – everything works superbly as a unit to represent and underline these conflicting sentiments throughout.

While the song follows its own rules for the most part, the sound is professionally crisp and musically satisfying. The hook melody – the moment at which that key line is repeated – hits with the impact of a mainstream release for its simple familiarity and how quickly accessible it is. All in all, the writing allows the band to showcase their originality, but without losing that reach required to draw in a much wider audience. It’s a beautiful song, powerful in essence and perfectly well captured so as to let that strength really stand tall."


Bongo Boy Records: "Think Adele (Hello) meets Evanescence (My Immortal)

March 2, 2019

"Think Adele (Hello) meets Evanescence (My Immortal) in this powerful song by the Sharon Lia Band. This commanding song both lyrically and musically has its soft side and it's rocking side with a haunting quality throughout. "Why Can't We Pretend" strikes a chord in all of us. Being forever changed is something many of us can relate to, as well as wondering why "us".  Why can't we pretend it's not me, it's them? Sharon and her band along and their producer, created an epic production meant to fill the listener with a wide range of emotions. There is a real story behind this song, but Sharon wants the listener to find their own meaning... I am sure someday she will share the details."


Sound Wave One: "purely magical and powerful"

"I have been “following the Indie pop sensational band named this Sharon Lia Band. They have always been very impressive to me. With this being said, I set my sights and ears to write a review on her latest single “Why Can’t We Pretend”, The song is purely magical and powerful. Sharon’s vocals are strong. vivid and amazing. this quite honestly is an amazing song. There are (many) music artists out there and despite this in my opinion the Sharon Lia Band is one to be watched and one to be seen with in the “mainstream” flow of popular music today.

Not only is the Sharon Lia Band a powerful force within the industry, it will be a household name. I must add that what originally attracted me to the band was a song called “Dancing In The Rain”

Sharon has strong beliefs, and one of those early on I loved and respected that she had the sense of belonging and survivor-ship, experiencing various situations in her own personal life, Sharon and her creation of “Rock 4 A Cause” that assists in supporting various charitable causes. In my 32 years of writing music album reviews, Sharon Lia and her band stand for what life is all about, always assisting others and promoting it with (her) god given talent’s.

To get back to the element of Sharon’s amazing music the latest song “Why Can’t We Pretend” is a wonderful and amazing song. Sharon brings her amazing and powerful yet  purely magical vocal arrangements on this beautiful song and in my opinion totally deserves your affection and full attention. The song has purpose and Sharon Lia and her band have blown  the top off with this latest single called “Why Can’t We Pretend”. I love it and you will also. I thank  Sharon for her tremendous friendship and most gracious life story and above all her tremendous impurely magical gift of music"


Huffington Post: Sharon Lia: “Talent With A Heart”


"Being introduced to singer/songwriter/musician and recording artist Sharon Lia was a treat in itself, speaking to her became even more special but hearing her music suddenly harmonized into the titanic icing on the cake!...

Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a a lifelong impact on those who hear it. Although some of her music seems inspired by personal tragedy including her own fight with cancer which has inspired her to form “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music driven organization, she tends to create vivid and vibrant colorful pictures of songs people can relate to.

On January 12th Sharon will be unleashing her newest single entitled, “Anomie”......Sharon Lia is an artist’s who serves as an inspiration to those who don’t believe in themselves, but who are following their dream. She is living proof that “Fairytales’ do come true,"