Industry Reviews

Vents Magazine

“she’ll use every weapon at her disposal to make us feel every ounce of emotion that she’s trying to impart of what is at first a pop piano ballad that will mature into a progressive rock psalm before our very ears”
Vents Magazine - Bethany Page `on “Why Can’t We Pretend?"


"Her verses are transcendent, her style of execution as original as they come, and for all of the wonderment that her backing band is delivering, it doesn’t hold a candle next to what she’s doing by herself with nothing more than a microphone in her hand". ~ Clay Burton `on “Why Can’t We Pretend”

NeuFutur Magazine

"There’s never an occasion on which it feels like the Sharon Lia Band are drawing inspiration from stereotypical themes, recycled poeticisms or commercial pandering; this is as real as they’ve ever been with us, and I think that their contemporaries in and outside of Philly could stand to learn something about the vulnerability they display." ~ Kim Muncie `on “Why Can’t We Pretend”

Huffington Post

Sharon Lia: “Talent With A Heart” Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a a lifelong impact on those who hear it."

Indie Spoonful

"Sharon can take you from delicate moment to full-scale fall-on-your knees emotionally gripping without ever letting you fall."

Skope Magazine

"truly stunning ... uniquely honest"

Stereo Stickman

"there’s a freedom here that’s incredibly refreshing to witness; a quality that does seem to run throughout Sharon Lia’s musical catalogue to date."

Bongo Boy Records

"Think Adele (Hello) meets Evanescence (My Immortal) "Think Adele (Hello) meets Evanescence (My Immortal)... Sharon and her band along and their producer created an epic production meant to fill the listener with a wide range of emotions."

Sound Wave One

"purely magical and powerful..Not only is the Sharon Lia Band a powerful force within the industry, it will be a household name.

Indie Source

"Anomie", a hauntingly enchanting track with a message. Sharon Lia's angelic vocals freely design the journey of an anthemic alternative pop song sure to become a classic.  ~`on Anomie

Rock Bands Natalie Perez

"this track is one that many should hear right here, right now"