Giving back is not just important to Sharon - it has been a life-long desire to use her voice to help others.

From the very first donation she wanted to make when she was 12, she's had a soft heart for the underdog and fierceness to fight for what she believed in. It began with an advertisement in the newspaper written by the parents of a young girl who was born with only half a heart. The little girl was to have surgery and her family needed financial help in order to save her life. Sharon begged her parents to help this family, and being the warm-hearted family that they were, they were proud of her initiative and more than happy to donate.

Sharon's own journey has been a long and difficult one, one with plenty of twists and turns. She struggled to find her voice against all odds including fighting triple-negative breast cancer early in 2015. By the fall of 2015, she held her first event with the help of a group of amazing people. By 2016, she filed papers to officially turn her dream of helping others into a foundation.

To date, they have held several successful events - helping ordinary people with extraordinary needs®

For more information please visit the Ladies Who Rock 4 a Cause Foundation's website.