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Sharon Lia's 7 song album "Beyond Wonderland" Album The illusion of "Wonderland" is complex. What does it mean to each of us?With lyrics that are deep and insightful layered on powerful music, the songs on "Beyond Wonderland" allows the listener to interpret what the songs mean to them."One can feel light flooding into the darkest most forgotten corners."Track Listing: Sick Addiction, Anomie, Why Can't We Pretend, Hanging by a Thread, Free to Fall, Hunter and Slayer, Beyond Wonderland Check out reviews from Huffington Post and more

"Beyond Wonderland"


designed by Sharon Lia:

Writing and being able to express my thoughts on paper has always been a form of solitude for me. It has helped me express ideas and dreams that may not have come together another way. Which is why I made these for you…

Every Beginning” series of journals! There are 5 total, each with a different focus on the theme - music, story, journey, painting, and defining moment!

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